Activities Toddlers Can Do That Can Help With Learning

Toddlers may seem so young and you may not realize all they are fully capable of doing, but toddlers' minds are full of wonder and they have a thirst for knowledge. Indulge them in this knowledge by giving them something to learn. By giving your toddler activities or playing games with them, you are teaching them. Little by little, their minds will be full of knowledge, and it can help prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond. Read on for some activities you can do to help your toddler learn.

Invest In Activity Books

Activity books for toddlers that are sold at most educational supply stores can help teach your child. These books have the right level of work your toddler can do. Things such as matching shapes, tracing lines, or matching colors with objects can help them learn colors and shapes and help with fine motor control once you allow your toddler to use a pencil, crayon, or marker. Use these activity books as a fun way to teach your child these things and more.

Play Games

Toddlers can play games that can help them learn as well. Games such as red light, green light can help with listening. You can begin playing card games with your toddler such as a match game with cards that have clear pictures, or you can begin to play Go Fish with your toddler. Cards for toddlers can be found at your local educational supply store as well. Playing games with your toddler does more than just teach them how to play a game; it can teach them how to share, take turns, listen to rules and follow them, as well as teach them about winning and losing. Playing games with your toddler and older children alike can be a fun time and a great family activity.


Coloring and using different coloring tools can help teach your child control, aid in fine motor control, and also teach your child colors and how to color in the lines. Coloring books for toddlers can generally be found at most educational supply stores. Give your child washable markers, crayons, or even paint to color in the book, and color with your child.

These are just a few of the activities you can do with your toddler that can help you to teach them and prepare them for the education that lies ahead of them. Visit an educational supply store in your area to learn more.